About Us

Changing times and the competitiveness of the worldwide economy have created new needs of market, wich opened up for new challenges and new opportunities for the outstanding companies.

Servilamina Summit Mexicana (SSM)

Is an Steel Service Center and was established in November of 1992 with 100% of SUMITOMO CORPORATION* capital, begun its operations on December of 1993.
On July 2004, a new plant was created on Monterrey City, building a brand new Branch for customers needs.

  • SSM
  • Arose due to the existent necessity in our country of high quality flat steel made to order under high standards.

  • SSM
  • Was born with the vision of belonging to the production chain of the different Industrial sectors, with the diversity of flat steel in quality and grade.

  • SSM
  • Have archived these goals by means of the optimization of their logistic service, warehousing, cutting process and Just In Time (JIT) deliveries with quality and competitiveness, working together with their headquarters and suppliers to get the total satisfaction of their customers.

Sumitomo Corporation

Summit Servilamina Mexicana has the great honor of belonging to wonderful group of Sumitomo Corporation, It was originally founded as The Osaka North Harbour Co., Ltd. in December 1919 by Masatomo Sumitomo.

SUMITOMO CORPORATION has been distinguished throughout the World as a leader Company in the Comercialization and Innovation of Steel Supply Systems.

The Sumitomo Group has gone on to become one of Japan’s leading corporate groups, with interests in finance, insurance, steel, real estate and others. Sumitomo Corporation is a major player within the group.